Tyrone Wells Rocked My Friday Night

By Jennifer Marlowe Marvin in concerts denver event photography

I should preface, that I am a married woman and the title of this post was only to say this his concert was UHHHHMazing last night... My older sister, Becky, introduced me to Tyrone when I was back in college.  She lived in Orange County and that's where Tyrone was playing a lot back then.  She feel in love with the song Sea Breeze like every other girl out there.  If you don't know who Tyrone Wells is, you absolutely should!   He is a pop/folk singer/songwriter who writes with such passion and with such a story to tell that you are just swept away into the song.    ( I also have to say that his opener, Joe Brooks was also brilliant!  He was celebrating his 25th birthday last night and gave a really great show as well.  Here is a link to his website & music (

Oh, before I post the photos I should tell you that in order to get a ticket (they were sold out!) I was able to work Tyrone's Merch table with the also brilliant singer/songwriter Mike Annuzzi.  (  I had a blast just laughing, talking about songwriting, and getting to know him.  All in all,  great night, great company, & great music!  

They have another show tonight in Denver so don't miss out!  Or catch them in another venue too!

This is Joe Brooks (such a cool Gavin DeGraw-esque feel to their music)

Tyrone Merch :)

The one and only Tyrone Wells!

And last but not least, the coolest peeps of the night...

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