All Sorts of Awesomeness

By Jennifer Marlowe Marvin in denver engagement photography personal

Some of you reading this may be grammer police.  If you are, I must say upfront that I know Awesomeness is not an actual word; however... on the flip side, the word in itself IS awesomeness :)  There have been so many wonderful things going on around JM PhotoArt and our new house that it's been keeping me on my toes.  This week I actually had more than an 5 minutes to sit back and relax  (which usually never happens)  and then all of the rest of this ensued:

- I tried to make a birthday cake.  It tasted like flour.  Then I tried to make a birthday cake again.  Also tasted like flour. Finally resorted to make a custard pie and ask people to bring dessert.

- Watched the entire first season of Hart of Dixie while editing photos and doing design work.  (While yes, it is kind of cheesy.  I still kept watching... so what does that say about me? Everyone needs some cheese in their lives :) )

- Booked 3 weddings

- Dropped off a few client print orders

- Played tennis

- Had over 20 people over to our house in the past 2 weeks for dinner, drinks and card games!  (Awesomeness right there!)

- Sent one of my cameras off to Canon because it decided to stop working. LAME- O.

- Sold a lens and bought two others (CHRISTMAS CAME EARLY!!!!).  Now my gear arsenal is complete!

- Had rehearsal with my hubby for a show we're singing at tonight and tomorrow in Colorado Springs.

- Enjoyed dressing up for halloween with my love and hung out ALL night with our new AWESOMENESS neighbors.

(here's a pic to prove I really did dress up like Elle Woods...  Dog and all and my cute man was Clark Kent)


WHEW... It was a tid-bit crazy when I think about all of the things that happened!  

Now on to the next adventure:  I am looking forward this week to having dinner with some lovely friends at our house with a private chef (provided by StoveTop Talent - a super cool company in Denver you should check out!) Then I'll be photographing a wedding for our lovely friends next Saturday at the Colorado Golf Club in Parker, CO.  It's my last wedding for the season so I'll be working through holiday seasons with some events around Texas for the "Heaven Is For Real" Book Tour and a ton of family shoots!

Anyhow,  I thought I'd share some of my recent favorites from a few shoots and leave you with a great family session promo at the bottom!


And last but not least a FABULOUS DEAL FOR YOU!!!


Modern Arabian Horse Magazine {Fall Fashion}

By Jennifer Marlowe Marvin in denver fashion photography

I traveled to Pismo Beach (Arroyo Grande, CA) for this shoot in mid July. The issue just came out so I wanted to share it with you. A HUGE thank you the the fabulous models (Some who drove for hours to help make this happen) and also to our wonderful host Sheila Varian. The Varian Arabian Ranch was just immaculate and all of Sheila's horses were beautiful! A few of the little ones seemed to like the camera. See below.

Samantha & Tyler {Wash Park - Denver - Engagement}

By Jennifer Marlowe Marvin in denver engagement photography

Samantha and Tyler were never "supposed" to fall in love. I say this because he hired her, they worked together, and well... after their love was found out... she got transferred :)  But it was all for the best because they are SO in love with each other and such a sweet couple that it shouldn't be any other way!

They work at one of my absolute favorite stores, Target.  (I must preface that it must be said with a french accent.  Because, well,  it just must!)  Now,  Tyler is Manager at Target and Samantha was just hired for her first teaching position!!!  Congratulations!

They both are so easy going, kind-hearted, and respectful to each other that it was really beautiful to document their engagement session.  After going to Wash Park for a while, we decided to get a few shots in a more urban location.  We decided that Pearl street would be perfect for just that :)  

We stopped in to Kaos Pizzaria and they were more than willing to let us photograph there for a few minutes.  Such a cute place and such nice people.  Shout to the cute girl who allowed us to stay.  Thanks!


Aren't they just ADORABLE!????   

Have fun planning this adventure together and I look forward to photographing your wedding next year!!! Safe travels back to Arizona :)

Lacey & Eric {Beaver Creek 2013}

By Jennifer Marlowe Marvin in denver engagement photography

You know when two people are so full of joy that it just radiates outof them? Well, these two have that spark along with the bubbly personalities of two young love birds. 

Lacey and Eric were a lot of fun to photograph because they were creative, relaxed in front of the camera and also brought some styling clothes to finish off the mix.

I can't wait to photograph their wedding next year in Beaver Creek!

Congrats on your engagement and keep the love and laughter y'all share forever!

Heaven Is For Real {Akron, CO}

By Jennifer Marlowe Marvin in heaven is for real

Every time I sit down to write about my experience with photographing for the Heaven Is For Real Book Tour, for some reason I have no words.  There is no way to explain it really.  It's been incredible on so many different levels that I'm never quite sure how to even start.  I end up thinking things in bullet points or in random questions that sound... cheesy.  (ie:  Have you ever been in a room surrounded by hundred of people and tangibly feel love surround you? How many of you... What if you... and so on)  

While photographing these events I have met some of the most interesting people and have heard more incredible stories than I can even remember.  The one story though that has swept the world is that of Colton's testimony.  Some of you who read this may not believe in God.  If so, I urge you to still read this.  You might think... well,  there's heaven in the title so I won't be caught dead reading that.  Well,  I guess I'd challenge you then to open up your mind for all of the 4 hours it might take you to read this simple book.  It's powerful and I promise you can take at least one little tidbit away from it.  I don't care who you are...  you can.  I promise. :) 

Anyhow, I've met Colton numerous times and there is something about children that no one can deny.  Children say the darndest things...  And usually it is due to what they've seen or heard first hand.  I remember a few years back when a kid randomly came up to me after staring at me for a while and said "why are your eyebrows so much darker than your hair?  It looks ugly."   I was like, well okay then... I mean, it was true, but there's nothing more shocking than true honesty to your face.  I guess, why i share my experience  is because that's what this story is all about.  I'm sure people have said "oh the parents conjured up this great story to sell millions or books."  First of all, no.  The Burpo's if you ever have the chance to meet them are probably one of the most down to earth couple's I've met, who still live in the same house they've always lived in small-town Nebraska and just love to give back to people.  Plus, honestly, I'm not sure how anyone could write a story that hundreds of other children around the WORLD have confirmed as being exactly the same... I mean it's kind of eerie how many stories they've heard from other people/kids who have had a near death/heaven experience.

I actually didn't intend to sit here and write a book review...  So sorry if I'm like "Hey, read this book!"    I just simply wanted to get my thoughts out on the page and share with you (if there are any of you reading this) what I think is maybe one of the coolest stories around. 

I know I've been blessed by this book, this ministry, and even more by the people who are involved.  So I give you my thanks.  It is always such a pleasure to be with you on the road and I can' wait for our Texas adventures next!


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