How a good florist can complete the day

By Jennifer Marlowe Marvin in denver wedding photography

After photographing and being a guest at quite a few weddings over the years,  I've come to know that a wedding doesn't NEED to have flowers.  I have noticed, however that flowers can add that last little touch of detail to your day without being too extravagant and too expensive. 

Honestly, when I was getting married I was under the mindset that flowers weren't necessary and more of a "splurge" item.  And while yes, flowers can be expensive and can be low on a bride's priority list here are a few reasons why I've changed my mind.

#1: A great florist will be able to capture who you are

Elizabeth from Fleur de Liz Weddings captured one of my brides perfectly through her bouquet.  The bride loved very earthy, organic products and she wanted it to have a calming feel to add to her day.  She also didn't want it to be too traditional so this is what Elizabeth designed.  Beautiful right?!

#2:  That little pop of color in your photos is always stunning

Take these orchids into consideration!  A very simple arrangement, but it just speaks to the excitement and energy this couple exuded together.  It was perfect for them and obviously made their photos pop!

#3: Appeal to your senses :)

I don't know about you, but there are certain smells that always bring me back to a certain memory.  My grandfather was a big hunter and lived in South Carolina.  He'd always show me his Turkey calls that were made out of cedar.  Now that he's passed away I sometimes can go back to those memories when I smell any sort of cedar wood.  Much the same, your wedding bouquet can be one of the senses that will help you remember your wedding day for years to come.

#4 An extension of your day

Working with an expert florist who is interested in your details will have the knowledge and expertise to steer you in the right direction.  They'll have ideas that will make your day different than any other couple out there and they'll compliment the hard work you've already put into the planning. 


So, brides if you're looking for a florist in Colorado I have a few to recommend to you!

Erin at Plum Sage in downtown Denver (  

Elizabeth with Fleur de Liz (


Happy planning!

September Goals

By Jennifer Marlowe Marvin in for photographers personal

One thing I never imagined when I started my photography business a year and a half ago was that the work never stops.  I find myself working until sometime 1 in the morning (more often than I probably should) and I find that even when I do that the list never really gets shorter.  Luckily, because I love what I do it is never as issue of not enjoying my work, but I find that in order to really push forward as a business owner I have to set goals for myself.  Now, sometimes those goals get checked off the list and well.... sometimes they don't.  The most important thing is at least putting them on paper, telling someone somewhere what they are (that is my ___ attempt at having accountability), and then reevaluating at the end of the term to see what actually got done and what didn't.  

Setting goals is not even just a business thing... I truly believe that by setting personal goals you get in to the mindset of taking care of yourself and not getting too wrapped up in the seriousness of 9-5 or in my case 10-1 :)   I thought I'd dedicate this blog post to setting some new goals for September.  If I write them down they are WAY more likely to get done rather than putting them on my 5 different lists I have laying around.  (I am actually very organized even though it may not seem like it from that last sentence!)

Business Goals:

Take a Class:  It's always so important to keep up with your craft, work with other people who are creative, and learn new techniques.  So this month whether it be a few mentoring sessions with one of my favorite photographers (Shout out to Melissa Jill!!! or signing up for a class here in town I just want to go outside the box, free of pressure and get myself out there.

Order a Couture Album Sample: I love love love my albums that I make for my brides and grooms right now.  They are sleek, classy, and so modern.  One of my new goals this year was to add a Couture option for my couples.  These albums are absolutely STUNNING and take wedding albums to a whole other level!  You touch the page and feel luxury.  You can see how much detail is put into the handmade binding and I just need to order one from a wedding I've shot.  On the List.

Finish the new website: Recently, I had a bride approach me about a ridiculously amazing idea to film what's called a "marryoke" (marry-O-kee).  It's like a traditional artistic wedding video, but instead include shots of the bridal party and guests singing along to a song of the couple's choice.  When I first saw an example, I thought "well that's interesting..." and after filming one of my own I fell in love with the experience.  All of the guests were so relaxed and it was such a simple way to have little pieces of everyone there.  So,  I'm getting the new website ready.   Check out the Marryoke video from Emily & Ryan's wedding here


A-B-C, 1-2-3

By Jennifer Marlowe Marvin in heaven is for real

Normally,  everything I post on this blog is photography related and not as much about what's actually going on in the life of Photog, Jenny Marvin.  I'm sure my life isn't all that entertaining, but but there are always tidbits that would be fun to share.  Thats' why I thought I'd just take a little time to throw out a few key things that are going on around my life in Denver.

#1:  I just finished getting all of my shoots done from July!!! I was actually in Denver for 6 days of July and the other 25 days I was out of the state for photo shoots.  I thought it would be such a great way to take a little time by myself on trains, buses and airplanes, but I found out quickly that being away from my hubs and pup for that long isn't really fun after all.  It's the small things that make a difference :)

#2: I am on my 3rd book for the month of August already... I know... I even think that's a lot of reading.  With everything going on recently, sometimes reading before I go to bed is the only way to trick my mind into submission to get a good nights rest.  I'm reading the Mark of The Lion Trilogy and each book has been better than the last.  I'd love to know some other books that are great and you recommend so if you have suggestions let me know :)

#3:  My husband and I are int he process of buying our first home! SO... we're in the middle of the dreaded task: moving.  While I know that moving is never an easy thing, it just feels like this time for us has been a heart wrenched affair.  The first home we were under contract on had structural damage and after paying $800+ for inspections and such we felt we should back out.  Second home, our offer got beat out.  Third home, they took an offer within the hour we were wanting to write an offer.  Fourth and final home is ours (YAY!), but we're still having to jump through hoops.  The only thing you can do when you don't have a home to live in, all of your things are in storage, and you're counting on someone else to make sure it all goes through properly is pray like a warrior.  So we're praying and trying to have the best attitude.  Sometimes it's easy.  Sometimes it's hard.  Send a few our way if you think of it.

#4: I've been on my workout plan for 3 weeks and I'm sticking to it!  Who is like me in that every time I start a new kick at the gym and within a week I am all over the place and not even going??  Well,  I am determined to work hard and get it going on a regular basis.  The best part is that 3 weeks into it I already feel better and WANT to go back to the gym... yikes!

#4: Confession:  I ate pizza 3 times this week already...

#5: I almost forgot to tell you this, but I just found out that Nashville Publishing Company, Thomas Nelson, has asked to use my photos in the new video and book from Todd & Sonja Burpo (the writers of Heaven Is For Real)!!!!  How cool is that?!!  I just love the Heaven Is For Real group and I love having the opportunity to be part of their ministry.  So,  when the new book is released in a few month and you happen to see the video online or an event, you'll see my photos in there.  I feel SO honored and so blessed to be a part. 

To see more about them  click here. (The picture below is from their website and is one that is going to be used for the video!)

To see more photos I took from their South Dakota Tour Stop click here.

Don't forget to tell me which books you recommend and should be added to my list!  Have a great Tuesday!

Janel & Steve Highlight Slideshow

By Jennifer Marlowe Marvin in denver wedding photography

When I reached the top of Durango mountain and stepped out of the car, the fresh tangy air was the first thing I noticed.  As I walked closer to the downhill slop of the snowless ski mountain I breathed in deeply trying to remember the way this moment looked, felt, smelled, and tasted.  My goal for that day was to capture on my digital sensor the essence of what I was feeling while standing there on that beautiful mountain.  This was the final product.  Janel & Steve were married last month on the top of Durango mountain and were surrounded by friends and family who celebrated with them long into the night.


Click on the full size icon on the bottom right if you want to get the full effect :)

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