Kelsey & Tyler

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I must say before anything else, that this couple TOTALLY saved a shoot that I was photographing.  I was not organizing it, and the person in charge had just decided not to hire any models for photoshoot the next day...  In comes, Kelsey and Tyler to save the day!  We have a mutual friend who got me in contact with them and last minute they packed their bags and drove 4 hours north to be part of the photoshoot.  As a thank you to them, they stayed the night with me in Pismo Beach and I took some photos of them together so they could have a few memories together.  I'll be able to post the Fashion shoot at a later date, but until then here are a few of my favorites.



This one was for my hubby :)

Janel & Steve {July 28th, 2012}

By Jennifer Marlowe Marvin in denver wedding photography denver engagement photography

I have been traveling so much recently (so yes, I am WAY behind on my blogging!) and one of my adventures to took me the top of Durango Mountain Resort to photograph the wedding day of two incredible people, Steve Ollason & Janel Kinney.  Steve and Janel met in 2007 while they were studying Biology at the University of New Mexico. Through the years, they've vacationed in Durango many time and consider it one of their "happy places".  That's exactly why it was perfect for their wedding venue.


The wedding day started off with a calming dewy drizzle and we were all praying for a clear afternoon considering the wedding was outdoors. Prayers were answered because by the time the Bride and Groom reached Dante's Peak it was a beautiful, clear afternoon!


Your ceremony was stunning, reception a ton of fun and I almost forgot to mention that you all have some AWESOME dancers in your family :)

Congratulations and I wish you two the best!

For More Information on a Durango Mountain Resort Wedding go here


Elizabeth and Robert {Manor House}

By Jennifer Marlowe Marvin in denver wedding photography denver engagement photography

One of the things I love most about being a creative person is meeting and working with other amazing creative people.  At most weddings, out clients opt to have two photographers shooting their wedding, which means for those of us who are a one person team that we ask another photog to come on board for the day.  Jared Wilson and I met a few weeks ago when I was buying some of his gears and realized almost instantly that he and I have quite a few friends in common and we are inspired by some of the same people.  After meeting I thought, " I'm sure we'll work together someday because I think that would be really fun!"  Not even 3 weeks later, he had a second shooting position open and I was MORE than happy to fill it!  Working with Jared was a pleasure and it was very comforting knowing that the person I was working next to was also a highly professional and fantastic photographer.   You can check out some of his work here    

I'm looking forward to the many more projects/weddings we'll shoot in the future! :)  Thanks Jared

Short & Sweet {Headshot Days} EXTENDED!!!

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So...  Short & Sweet Headshot Days are... drum roll please... staying for the summer!    If you have seen any of my twitter updates you'll know already that our house does not have air conditioning, and most days it is 95 degrees in our house...  Some of my friends have gone to pretty rad extremes to stay 'cool' (on multiple levels!) including buying an inflatable pool for their back porch.  My choice though is to offer ya'll a chance to get some pretty rocking headshots and get me out of the house! :)   So the Short & Sweets have been extended until the end of August!!!  Get your $150 session before they go away.  But keep in mind they're 25 minute headshot sessions ONLY, so no engagement/family/modeling etc.  Maybe we'll a have a special for that someday, but for now we've got our short & sweets.

Read the details in this former blog post.

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