Kentucky Gentlemen

By Jennifer Marlowe Marvin

Had the pleasure of working with Nashville duo, Kentucky Gentlemen, yesterday and I LOVE how their photos turned out.  These guys have smiles and laughter that just make your day so much happier.  Excited to hear some of their new music coming out :)  Check them out online as well!


Washington D.C. Project

By Jennifer Marlowe Marvin

I spent this past week touring Washington D.C. taking photos and walking through a huge part of American history.  Last time I went to DC, I think I was 12, and although I remembered a lot about what I saw back then it was really interested viewing everything again as an adult.  At every age I feel like you take in something new... At 12, I was probably more excited about the ice skating in front of the National Archives than I was to see the actual Declaration of Independence.  Now though, it was incredible to think about how young our country really is and how much things have changed in a mere 200 years.  

We were lucky enough to have gotten private tours of The US Capitol, The Library of Congress and the BIIIIG one... The White House!   My dad had taken us on a tour of the White House when I was younger, so it was nice to be able to share this tour with my hubby, Blake, who had never been to D.C. before. 

Here are a few photos taken from our days on the East Coast.  We were grateful for beautiful weather (even though the weather man said there would be 100% rain... he was 100% wrong... lol :)  ) and also for a chance to get away.

This next week is going to be a busy week for photos and video.  2 artist photoshoots and a meeting about some video work for another artist.  I hope you all have a wonderful week as well!!! 

"Change the world with your smile and attitude one day at a time!" - Me


All About The Eyes

By Jennifer Marlowe Marvin

Some of you may know (but others of you may not know) that I run JM PhotoArt out of Denver AND Nashville.  It means that I get to travel back and forth for photoshoots, music video shoots and LOVE that I get the best parts of both cities!  One of the things I love about working in Nashville is that I get to photograph so many musicians, artists and even actors.  This is Will Mainord, who is an actor here in TN.  He moved to Nashville recently and I'm sure you're going to see him on the big screen sometime soon!!  #breakaleg


Eat your heart out girls :)  Kind of a heart throb huh?!  (That's what my hubby calls him!  I call it the "smolder"  haha!)

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