Dave Barnes at the CMA Theater

By Jennifer Marlowe Marvin

Dave Barnes in Nashville??  YES PLEASE!!  This guy is not only so ridiculously talented that it hurts,  he is also a genuinely funny and nice guy!  Blake and I went on a date night because I've been a fan of his for 13 years at this point... Not long I know :)  Anyway,  just wanted to share a shot from the evening of Dave jamming with his band!   Hope y'all are staying safe today if you're in any of the midwest tornados going on. 

Katie & Taylor

By Jennifer Marlowe Marvin

I have had the pleasure of working with Katie for the past few years doing weddings as well as video and fashion shoots with this girl. They are both such great people and they have been so successful at what they both do. It's fun to see them reach their goals and if you ever need any info on Vemma (The energy drink you SHOULD drink!) They should be your go-to :)

Trevor & Lindsay {Mexico}

By Jennifer Marlowe Marvin

We were all down in Mexico celebrating Michelle and Adam's wedding and Trevor and Lindsay (or as we call her Doug) thought it'd be fun to do a portrait shoot! Not only do they have the best smiles and look like they should be in a magazine, but they also have hearts of gold. Here is a sneak into their Mexico shoot.  They look like the most perfect magazine couple huh?!

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