Test Shooting = Creative Freedom & New Techniques

By Jennifer Marlowe Marvin in denver wedding photography

This past weekend we spent once again traveling back and forth from Phoenix, AZ.  Along the way, I took some time to re-think how I've been running and business and what I'd like to change.  I realized that I have not taken time in a long while to really shoot the ideas that have come into mind.  I've gotten in the habit of shooting for paid clients and that's it.  Well, that clearly does not cut it for me and shouldn't cut it for anyone else in the industry.  The only way to get better is to learn from those around you and to push yourself to learn as much as you can about every aspect of photography.  So, I put a last minute order in on Sunday night to pick up some extra lights and a few lens I've been wanting to try/buy.   This was a choice that allowed me to have one of the best days creatively I've needed for a while!

The reason I got some extra equipment was because I had been wanting to try a few different lighting techniques and needed a little extra umph. (I''m not sure that's an actual word)  Anyhow, the next thing to do was find models for this VERY last minute idea to have photoshoots.  Models are slightly important you know?!  So, I relied on my trusty Facebook account.  (P.S.  If you are a photographer or really any small business owner and you are not taking advantage of the many free benefits of Facebook. You should start now!)  My goal was to shoot 3 different shoots today and these were my categories:  Beauty (cover girl/face wash ad), punk-rock grunge themed, fitness runner, and a bride and groom.  I know it was not by accident that this day of creativity was supposed to happen when I got word from 3 people on Facebook who fit into 3 of these 4 very specific categories.  One was Sophie, a dear friend of mine who has skin that is flawless! (She was the beauty shoot)  Makayla who is 18, has black and hot pink hair and a definite glamour-grudge fashionista (...My punk-rocker).  And Lori & Robb, a good looking couple who were SO kind and fun to be around and also willing to model in 35 degree weather in a wedding dress!  LOVE IT!

I'm going to blog about each shoot individually and discuss techniques I tried... what worked and what didn't.  For now, though I thought I'd pass on a sneak peek of each of their images!

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