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By Jennifer Marlowe Marvin in styled shoots

For those of you who haven't read the past few blog posts,  this past Monday I organized and photographed three different shoots for my portfolio to try out some new techniques and fancy lens' (or how I like to write "lenzzzzz'zzz")  For the second shoot,  I was drawing inspiration from a photographer in NYC who is a friend and fantastic artist.  His photography includes some very unique lighting and he grundges-up photos while still making them cool and classy.  Here are a few of my favorites.



Matthew normally shoots near sunset when the lights are really dark.  I didn't have that luxury because the time slot I had available was at noon....  Less than ideal.  What I did instead was set up our shots in garage.  At first I had the door open to bring in some full light.  But after a while I realized I really wanted more of a dramatic lighting therefor I shut the garage door and voila, just what I wanted.  The other main difference with this shoot was that the background of my garage is white... and NOT the grungy dark texture I wanted to find.  So,  I improvised. 

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