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By Jennifer Marlowe Marvin

Today my sister, Kim,  invited me to see the sneak preview of "Morning Glory"  and I found myself laughing the entire movie next to one of my absolute best friends!  Both of my sisters are such a gift I've been given... Back to the movie though, it was nice to see a person who was SO like me in New York City just striving to be the best against all odds but after hardwork finally finds a break.  I just wish I had gotten the break :)  Nah,  honestly, New York was an experience that I wouldn't take back for anything.  I just wish for a second that I could have found a place to belong before I was too frustrated with the city.

ANYWAY... I always pride myself on writing blogs about the great aspects of life.  Sometimes it just seems to kick ya in the butt.  For those of you interested in "Morning Glory",  I thought it was a fantastic movie with a great plot, believable acting, and everyday occurrences that can make each of us understand each characters POV.

As far as wedding planning and everything goes,  I have been gung-hoe and working very hard to make sure it is going to be an incredible weekend for everyone.  I have planned SO many things, but it was brought to my attention that I need to plan an activity for after the wedding because the reception will get over at 5 PM.   I am, honestly, slightly overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done before January 8th.  For those of you reading this that are thinking "it's JUST 1 DAY!" I completely understand and am trying to just have a spectacular party and time that everyone can get together and catch up.  However,  I guess I sometimes feel like that isn't enough.

Some of you gave me some beautiful ideas for cake toppers (and I LOVE the Willow Figure idea BTW) but if anyone has ideas for an after party/activity that doesn't cost much money I'd sure be in debt to you!
My sister offered to host something, but I feel like that would be such an inconvenience.  Is it wrong to not plan every detail of the weekend or should I be planning every second of my wedding day?

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